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Following recent TV appearances, I’ve been asked by a number of people if there’s a photo book of my work. Officially, the answer has been ‘no’. However, I did put together a collection of long exposure night photographs in 2011. The book contains 40 of my favourite night photos taken over a two year period (2009 to 2011). I used Blurb, a self-publishing company, to produce a 25cm x 20cm full colour photo book, primarily to evaluate the quality of image reproduction. I gave it the title: ‘MOONLIGHTING: night photography in the Outer Hebrides‘. The finished product was excellent but I didn’t pursue further production, so I shelved it. Until now…

Preview the entire book below…

Following recent book enquiries, I’ve dusted off MOONLIGHTING and passed on the preview link to those who’d expressed an interest. The book started to sell.

Short of finding a publisher or ordering copies in bulk, there’s no scope for reducing production costs at the moment, so I’m sticking with the low volume ‘print on demand’ service used to produce the original copies.

Both the hardcover and softcover editions are printed on Premium Lustre paper for optimum image quality. I’m very happy with the finished product.

To order a copy, click the basket icon in the preview window above or visit here

Softcover: £29

Hardcover with Dust Jacket: £35

Landscape, 25 x 20 cm , 40 pages, Premium Paper, lustre finish

inside MoonlightingDouble page spread from MOONLIGHTING

From the back cover:

“Shot entirely on location in the Outer Hebrides, MOONLIGHTING features a galaxy of stars. The cast list reads like a veritable who’s who of everyday Hebridean life. See before your very own eyes: 40 shots in the dark, magnificent moonlight, big blue skies, derelict buildings, inhabited buildings, a couple of caravans, a 1950s truck, the digger that built the road to Rhenigidale, a lighthouse, a fish farm, boats out of water, a church, a temple, a closure threatened school, two tractors, a penguin, a bus stop and a post box. They’re all on a mission to capture the passage of time in a series of still images. The wind and the sea provide the perfect soundtrack, creating a mood and atmosphere you’ll never quite put your finger on. And it all took place while you were sleeping!”


2 thoughts on “MOONLIGHTING: buy the book”

  1. I recently saw an exhibition of some of your work at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh which captured my imagination. I was particularly moved by ‘Blue Chair Last’ and ‘Bedroom and Chapel’.
    I was tempted to buy one of these but find the process a bit scary! For now I will be satisfied with buying the book ‘Moonlighting’. You definitely have a new admirer of your work. I recently moved up to the N W Highlands and the Outer Hebrides is special to me.

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your feedback. The images in Moonlighting are all long exposure night photos – a little different from those you saw on display at the RSA.
      Not wishing to sound like I’m doing a hard sell here(!), but just in case you missed them, both ‘Blue Chair’ and ‘Bedroom and Chapel’ are available in various sizes via the online shop: http://www.johnmaher.net
      Glad you enjoyed the show.
      All the best,

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