Keeping it in the Family [WORK: Outer Hebrides]

Williams Stone Craft

Angus Williams (left) has been running his drystone dyking business in Harris and Lewis for the last 12 years. The other members of Williams Stone Craft include his brother Owen (right) who runs Harris operations and Angus’s right hand man in Lewis, Murdo Sam MacLeod (centre).

I took this photo at Saint Clement’s church in Rodel (Isle of Harris), where the boys are rebuilding and repairing sections of the boundary wall for Historic Scotland.

Stone craftsmanship is in the blood the for the Williams Brothers. They learned from their father Cedric Williams, who at 74 still works full time in the central belt. Their great grandfather, Hugh MacLean, of Quidinish, Harris was a stone mason who built many of the houses in Harris and Berneray until the 1930s. He is laid to rest in St. Clement’s graveyard, in a plot not far from where his great grandsons are standing in this photo.

Here’s a shot showing the graveyard, taken in December 2010.

Also from 2010, a view from the other side of the church:

Williams Stone Craft
Williams Stone Craft – Facebook page

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